The HSC exhibit floor is 7,500 sq. feet and is self-guided and hands-on. Most exhibits require active participation by the visitor. Some require dexterity and/or creativity, but all result in better understanding and appreciation of scientific principles and concepts. More than 70 hands-on exhibits and a variety of animals await your visit. Stop back often, as we are constantly building and adding more exhibits. Looking to have a program or demo brought to you? Call HSC or complete this form HSC Request Form

Bear Den

The HSC Bear Den is an opening in the wall with a teddy bear inside. Guests are encouraged to think about the different types of homes that animals have and how all animals need shelter.


The Headwaters Science Center have approximately sixteen finches in an aviary near the front entrance. There are multiple species present, which invites conversations about how animals interact with one another in the wild. The fact that there are multiple species, but they are all still “finches” also invites conversations about how we categorize animals into groups.

Freshwater Aquariums

The fresh water aquariums are warm water tanks featuring tropical freshwater fish, and cold water tanks featuring mostly local species. We also have local fish species housed in tanks with some of our turtles.

Saltwater Aquariums

The HSC salt water aquariums are warm water tank featuring tropical fish and invertebrate species. Most species present are native to the Indo-Pacific region around Australia and Indonesia.


The HSC tarantulas, similarly to snakes, are often maligned among “Critters”. We only do very limited contact with them, currently. 

Tarantulas will go through many different defensive postures when feeling threatened before biting, so they are useful when discussing how many animals really don’t want to attack or fight a human. It is valuable to about the differences between arachnids and the other arthropods.


The HSC trout arrived at HSC one November as eggs, and have grown throughout the year, allowing guests to see many phases of their juvenile lives before they are released as part of the DNR’s stocking program. 

We also have some that we’ve kept and have develop even further, so that now the older life phases are on exhibit.

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