Advance registration is required to ensure that staff and facilities are available.  Typical demonstrations last about one-half hour.










$3/person - $60 minimum fee


Combustion - Ages 9 and up.

Cryogenics or States of Matter - Ages 8 and up.

Animal Menagerie - All ages.

Raptors Rule - All ages.

Starlab portable planetarium- Ages 8 and up.  (See

    the STARLAB® home page for more information.)

Sound and Light - Ages 10 and up.

Pushes and Pulls - Ages 8 and up.

Unique Properties of Water - Ages 12 and up.



$4/person - $60 minimum


Simple Circuits - a new hands-on activity geared toward 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. It introduces basic engineering principles, including design, creation, testing to failure, and teamwork. It challenges students to create a simple circuit using a battery, wires, and a light bulb or motor.

(Supported in part by United Way of the Bemidji Area, the MDU Foundation, Minnesota Energy Resources, and Digi-Key.)


Mineral Detectives - Can you use tools and observations to determine what minerals are in the tray?  Students are asked to identify five minerals using simple tools and physical properties such as color, streak, luster, and hardness.  Meets 3rd- and 4th-grade physical science standards.


Project:STEM - Five hands-on activities for only $500!  Up to three hours of engaging activities, plus HSC staff and all the supplies.  Perfect for schools, youth program days, or special community events.

  • Cost for demos at our place

    Cost for each in-house demonstration is $3.00 per person with a minimum charge of $60.00 per demonstration.


    Hands-on group programs are $4.00 per person with a $60.00 minimum.

  • Cost for demos at your place

    Cost is $150.00 for the first demo/hour and $100.00 for each additional demo/hour.

      * Or for a hands-on demo - $175 and $125

        to account for additional staff time.


    Travel time and mileage fees will apply at $20 per hour of staff time plus 56¢/mile for outreach locations outside Bemidji.

See for more information about the ASTC passport program and participating science centers and museums in Minnesota and across the country.  Click here to view a U.S. map showing where your

HSC membership can take you!

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